ClockNaphtali & Associates was established in 2001, and evolved as a response to the difficulties experienced by the less advantaged individuals and agencies seeking to develop and sustain their ideas and services. We are a collective of individuals from around the UK committed to social action and community development.

The service is directed by Tippa Naphtali as a sole trader, working with a small group of independent practitioners acting as associates. Collectively, we have significant experience of working within and supporting the voluntary and community sector. Essentially we provide a range of independent services in line with our mission (see ‘Mission‘ section), some of which are free and Internet-based. Our aim is to make it easier to access support and services.

We ensure that our own services and any brokered are of high quality from individuals and agencies we have worked alongside and trust.

Associates & Resources

All of our associates have wide connections with agencies, community ventures and businesses; and are committed to ensuring that this shared knowledge is effectively tapped and used for the benefit, support, and development of voluntary, community, faith and organisations.

We will maintain a range of adverts and web links on this site (see ‘Sign Post‘) which provide access to other services & information.

Sign-up for our FREE ‘Email Bulletin Service‘ on this site, and see selected policy and operational ‘Templates‘ that you may download FREE and adapt for your own use.

Essentially Naphtali & Associates is a community collective which develops and supports new small to medium enterprises. We do this by offering a package of advice & support, signposting and mentoring, but also through seeking to influence support from other private, statutory and voluntary organisations.

The defining principle of all Naphtali & Associates initiatives is to provide or help develop free and/or affordable services, online support for campaigns, and the development of small-scale employment opportunities for local communities.

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