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Tippa NaphtaliAbout Naphtali & Associates founder …

Tippa has been active in the community since 1978 after leaving school. Along with a group of his peers, at just 18 years old he helped to develop and co-lead the Negus Youth Collective, a pioneering youth-led arts and culture project in Handsworth, Birmingham.

He went on to be involved in London-based projects and organisations over 28 years spanning performing arts, youth projects, homelessness, HIV, food projects, mental health & counselling services.

Tippa chaired several local and national organisations, starting his own community groups and social enterprises; and providing support to other similar organisations and businesses.

He is also well known across the UK and abroad for his campaigning work supporting the call for police, penal and mental health reforms, for an end to custody deaths / abuse, wrongful convictions and the brutality of torture, genocide and capital punishment.

Tippa is founder of campaigning group 4WardEver UK and currently a member of The United Families & Friends Campaign. He has served on the West Midland Police Independent Advisory Group on Mental Health and the Birmingham Wellbeing Forum amongst others.

Invitation to 10 Downing Street – 2004

In May 2004, Tippa was invited to receive an award from the Prime Minister, Tony Blair and Mrs Blair. The award was ‘In recognition of people making a difference in their local communities.’  He didn’t attend for personal reasons published widely at the time.

National Compact Awards – 2007

With considerable input from Tippa, Birmingham won one of four Gold awards for the country for good practice and joint working.

He also won one of four commendations for the West Midlands for establishing The West Midlands Regional Compact Forum to share ideas and good practice. The forum was the first of its kind in the country.

Tippa remains active in using these skills to support and develop a number of charities, justice campaigns and other enterprises nationally.

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