Accounting ToolsEssentially Naphtali & Associates is a community collective which, through a network of associates, develops and supports new small to medium community organisations and enterprises.

We do this via our own services and signposting to a network of individuals and social enterprises that can offer support, business planning and mentoring, but also through seeking to influence support from other professionals, companies, statutory and voluntary organisations from across Birmingham and the Black Country.


Helping to create employment, and affordable services by and for local people. Providing support, hosting and development of new and emerging businesses, groups and social enterprises.


Naphtali & Associates evolved as a response to the difficulties experienced by the less advantaged individuals and agencies seeking to develop and sustain their ideas and services.


To ensure that individuals, agencies and small businesses that meet our criteria become part of a network supporting and sharing co-operatively.

We seek to be active participants within the voluntary, statutory, community and business sectors to facilitate fair distribution of resources and support.

About Naphtali & Associates founder …

Tippa Naphtali has been active in the community since 1978 after leaving school. Along with a group of his peers, at just 18 years old he helped to develop and co-lead the Negus Youth Collective, a pioneering youth-led arts and culture project in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Tippa remains active in using these skills to support and develop a number of charities, justice campaigns and other enterprises nationally.

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