For Social Rights and Justice..


Blind Justice Challenge - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack MorehEssentially Naphtali & Associates is a community collective which, through a network of associates, develops and supports new small to medium enterprises. We do this by offering a package of advice & support, signposting and mentoring, but also through seeking to influence support from other private, statutory and voluntary organisations.

The defining principle of all Naphtali & Associates initiatives is to provide or help develop free and/or affordable services, online support for campaigns, and the development of small-scale employment opportunities for local communities.

Community Pledge

Our Communities
Our pledge is to seek out enterprising people and enterprises to encourage their growth, marketing, collaboration and development.

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COPE Mental Health Zumbathon Fundraiser


People Dancingsource: COPE Mental Health Foundation 
published: July 2017

COPE are seeking to provide housing accommodation for the many people in the community who are homeless and coping with the challenges of mental health illness.

Help them to restore their building, strengthen and empower families and individuals to reduce social barriers that mental health illness can cause.

You can attend 1 hour sessions or spend the day with our qualified Zumba Team:
Adults 16+ can participate in the Zumbathon
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Lankelly Chase commissions new national centre of excellence


Lankelly Synergi Logosource: Lankelly Chase Foundation 
published: 5 July 2017 

Lankelly Chase Foundation has commissioned Queen Mary University of London, the University of Manchester and Words of Colour Productions to establish an independent centre of excellence on ethnic inequalities, severe mental illness and multiple disadvantage.

With a strategic award of £1,245,000, the Synergi Collaborative Centre will deliver a five-year national programme, focused on working towards the transformation of health services for ethnic minority people with severe mental illness.

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Edge Fund News Update & 5 year celebration


Edge Fund applications Apr 2017provided by: The Edge Fund
published: May 2017

The Edge Fund is now in the middle of its seventh funding round, working with members to score applications and continue to support the ever urgent work of radical grassroots groups.

If you’d like to see the timeline for this current funding round, check out the website.

Once groups have been shortlisted, The Edge Fund will be hosting a funding day on July 15th in Birmingham. If you’re already a member please come and join us to help decide how we share out the funds. Continue reading