Birmingham Events: Beyond Windrush @ The MAC

Caribbean dancing couple

Image Credit: The MAC

published: 17 March 2018

The MAC’s Beyond Windrush season commemorates the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the SS Empire Windrush. The SS Empire Windrush brought people from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom in 1948.

The events will highlight an era of change and of co-existing cultures, and visitors will enjoy a public programme of exhibitions, events, talks and debates from May to July 2018.

The season kicks off with the Phoenix Dance’s thrilling new dance piece celebrates the 70th anniversary of SS Empire Windrush’s arrival, bringing the first Caribbean migrants to the UK. Continue reading


Benjamin Zephaniah on how Colin Roach’s death sparked a movement 35 years ago

Colin Roach

Colin Roach

source: Hackney Gazette
published: 23 January 2018

The death of Rashan Charles, and its aftermath, has tragic echoes of the case of Colin Roach. The 21-year-old was shot inside Stoke Newington police station 35 years ago, with the community convinced cops had a hand. Poet Benjamin Zephaniah was at the first protest after his death, he tells the Gazette.

Events surrounding the death of Colin Roach 35 years ago remain a mystery to this day.

He died inside the foyer of Stoke Newington police station on January 12, 1983, from a single gunshot wound through the mouth.

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A Word (or two) from Naphtali

Tippa Naphtali

Tippa Naphtali

source: Naphtali & Associates
published: 9 September 2017 

You will never truly learn from just skimming the subject matter. You need to dig much much deeper!

“Learning and development requires clear, concise and deep thought. An analytical mind able to process information objectively and with wisdom and clarity.

You will never learn if you remain solely within the circles of only those that you agree with. This limits the scope of knowledge gained (the very basis of learning) and the ability of understanding things from the standpoint of others.” Continue reading