It’s back – StereoHype 2017 (First Event)


source: StereoHype
published: 20 September 2017

StereoHype returns for a series of events at The MAC that explore mental-health and wellbeing in African and Caribbean communities through art, performance and debate.

Professor Robert Beckford hosts our first event which features a screening of the award winning short film From Noya and our guests include writer and director Daniel Anderson with live performances from spoken word artists Dan Man and Jade Laurie Hart.

From Noya Summary:

Noya suffers with depression and has been battling with feelings of hatred towards her younger foster sister for a very long time. She also blames herself for the untimely death of their parents. Continue reading


NHS trust ‘truly sorry’ about death of teenager Connor Sparrowhawk

Connor Sparrowhawk

Connor Sparrowhawk

source: The Guardian
published: 18 September 2017

An NHS trust has said it is “truly sorry” about the death of a teenager with epilepsy who drowned in a bath while in its care, after it admitted failings.

Southern Health Trust pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety law in the case of Connor Sparrowhawk, who had a seizure and drowned in a bath in an NHS care unit in Oxford in 2013.

The 18-year-old’s death led to an independent inquiry discovering that the trust had failed to properly investigate the unexpected deaths of 1,454 patients with learning difficulties or mental health problems over a period of four years.

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A Word (or two) from Naphtali

Tippa Naphtali

Tippa Naphtali

source: Naphtali & Associates
published: 9 September 2017 

You will never truly learn from just skimming the subject matter. You need to dig much much deeper!

“Learning and development requires clear, concise and deep thought. An analytical mind able to process information objectively and with wisdom and clarity.

You will never learn if you remain solely within the circles of only those that you agree with. This limits the scope of knowledge gained (the very basis of learning) and the ability of understanding things from the standpoint of others.” Continue reading