Thumbs UpOur Shared Values

Naphtali & Associates is simply driven by the need to nurture the hidden skills and abilities within our communities, ensuring that individuals and groups with the ability to deliver services and support are given the opportunity to do so.

Our Shared Efforts

Our network of practitioners are combined to offer a new and holistic brand of consultancy, business and community development. Essentially Naphtali & Associates is a community collective which develops and supports new small to medium enterprises. We do this by offering a package of advice & support, signposting and mentoring, but also through seeking to influence support from other private, statutory and voluntary organisations.

The collective brings:

A shared vision and commitment to innovation in capacity building

Personal experience in the VCO sector

Award winning acclaim

A group of well-known and respected individuals

Practitioners in ‘real time’

Well networked across the sector spectrum

Collective expertise in strategy, planning, delivery and assessment

A collective of champions in quality standards and good practice

And much more…

About Naphtali & Associates founder …

Tippa Naphtali has been active in the community since 1978 after leaving school. Along with a group of his peers, at just 18 years old he helped to develop and co-lead the Negus Youth Collective, a pioneering youth-led arts and culture project in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Tippa remains active in using these skills to support and develop a number of charities, justice campaigns and other enterprises nationally.

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