Board Pins (effect)We are an informal network of people based in Birmingham and the Black Country, all with extensive experience in the voluntary, enterprise and statutory sectors, providing a range of development support, information and signposting services to voluntary, community, faith and statutory sector organisations working for social equality and justice.

We work with a distinct group of associate projects but also our collaborative networks provide a collective wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the business and development support you need if other routes have failed.

We will not forward customers to any agencies or companies that we would not use ourselves and that have a strong track record.

“Your support is our aim”

Community Pledge

Our Communities
Our pledge is to seek out enterprising people and encourage their growth and development.

Co-operation and self-help
Encouraging a return to genuine community enterprise, Local economies, co-operation and self-help.

A little goes a long way
We encourage and assist others in the development of local initiatives, and grassroots provision of services.

About Naphtali & Associates …

Essentially Naphtali & Associates is a community collective which develops and supports new small to medium enterprises. We do this by offering a package of advice & support, signposting and mentoring, but also through seeking to influence support from other private, statutory and voluntary organisations.

The defining principle of all Naphtali & Associates initiatives is to provide or help develop free and/or affordable services, online support for campaigns, and the development of small-scale employment opportunities for local communities.

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