Be part of a new mental health network – take the survey!


CATALYST 4 CHANGE is a new organisation being developed by a group of community development workers, health professionals and campaigners that have worked at community grass roots level across the UK for many years.

CATALYST will be creating and sustaining a supportive network of mental health and wellbeing initiatives in the African and Caribbean community within the West Midlands. These will include community organisations, social enterprises, faith groups or businesses that have a significant African and Caribbean mental health service user base.

Do you want to be part of a truly supportive network of mental health and wellbeing initiatives in the African/Caribbean community?

Would your group or organisation benefit from tailored support and easy access to professional services?

Then consider becoming an affiliate member of CATALYST!

A brief one-page summary can be downloaded here >

Alternatively, download the survey paper version here >

“At CATALYST 4 CHANGE we believe that African and Caribbean communities are holders of huge reserves of social capital, of assets and resources, skills and talents, knowledge and experience… yet much of this remains unknown and little understood or utilised by our public agencies.”

If you have an enquiry related to CATALYST please contact:
Tippa Naphtali (07841 408 587) or Sandra Griffiths (07745 392 318)

Our email is :