The Edge Fund : We’re open for applications!


Edge Fund applications Apr 2017provided by: The Edge Fund
published: March 2017

We are now open for our first funding round of the year!

We will be giving around £40,000 to about 30 grass-roots groups, campaigning against the systems that cause injustice. We are accepting applications until the 17th April at 11.30pm. For more information click here.

Last year we funded a wide range of groups doing fantastic work including: Sisters Uncut, Sex Worker Breakfasts, African Rainbow Family, Glasgow Autonomous Space, Manchester Migrant Solidarity, Brighton Antifascists, Free North West, Need Abortion Ireland, London Coalition Against Poverty, and many more.

But we need your help!

Please help us reach out to people and groups who don’t normally hear about our funding opportunities, especially offline at any events or meetings you might be going to. We have leaflets and cards we can send you, please get in touch if you can help.

We have also made a shareable graphic you could put on your Facebook or Twitter – Get it here.

And finally, please donate if you can, so we can keep supporting those taking action for a just and equal world – Donate here.

Check out out our funding criteria and our values statement for more information. To give you a good idea of the kinds of groups we fund, you can also take a look at the ones we have previously funded.

If you have any questions about Edge Fund membership or applying for our funding, please get in touch with your regional organiser today! Find out how to apply here.

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