Chilling knife threat on veteran civil rights activist


Maxie HaylesA police investigation is underway after civil rights activist Maxie Hayles found two large knives plunged into the front seat of his car which was parked outside his home in Birmingham.

The chilling incident happened overnight on Wednesday, October 2, and has stunned the veteran campaigner, who has endured several threats on his life during decades of anti-racist work.

Police have seized both knives for forensic examination and carried out house-to-house inquiries in the neighbourhood where Hayles has lived with his family for the past 27 years.

“I’ve had death threats over the years by letter and received intimidating phone calls but when this sort of thing happens on your own doorstep it’s very disturbing,” said Hayles, who only last week was honoured as a campaigner of the year at the European Diversity Awards in London.

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